Cloud-based directory services : the new thing to try

I think that clicking on an ad was the best thing I did lately on the interwebs.

So basically I registered myself to JumpCloud ; it’s a DaaS and it stands for Directory as a Service.

They allow you to create 10 user accounts for free. The whole thing provides a lot of different capabilities really useful for lazy network admins, like myself.

From the good old accounts management system to the online LDAP server, you will find everything that a young sysadmin needs.


User management section

Not only you are able to manage users, but even their LDAP/POSIX groups, but you can set a ton of settings related to both Windows and Linux access rights.

2FA and HBAC are even integrated but the 2 coolest things are that you have access to a REST API and that you can manage SSO directly from their webui.

Of course you have the ability to join all your different devices through multiple ways :

  • Via a heavy-client that you have to install on each servers and workstations ; it is generally avalaible for Windows, Linux ans OSX, but right now only for x86 cpus.
  • Via the LDAP server, where you will be able to gather all kind of informations related to authentication and access control.
  • Via this pretty neat REST API.

I have to say that I’ve been really impressed and I will probably probably give you news about this thing in my next articles.

I only regret right now is that their heavy-client isn’t open-source. But don’t worry I’ve already sent an email about it 😉

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