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brudi es wirkt als ob es ein verdammtes Jobangebot war


11 years ago today WikiLeaks published Collateral Murder. It was a defining moment in our understanding of the Iraq war.

The publisher, Julian Assange, faces a 175 year sentence for publishing evidence of such crimes, government abuses & corruption


can't believe i am rooting for google here but the supreme court ruled that it did not infringe copyright by mimicking an oracle API, i can only imagine the hellish copyright nightmare that would have ensued from being able to enforce IP law on an API design

Je trouve fascinant comment selon les bords politiques ça oublie plus ou moins de mentionner que ce dîner de cons a eu lieu chez un fan de Bonaparte, pote avec les Le Pen, fricotant avec toute l'extrême droite française la plus conservatrice.

En fait c'est un des premiers trucs qui devraient interpeller, et qui devrait d'autant plus justifier qu'on demande les blases.

I should do something with my free day instead of drooling over dudes on planetromeo

Pour builder proton, il vous faut vagrant. Qui va lancer une VM debian. Qui va installer un docker dedans… #LesChosesSimplesDAvantMeManque

>high pitched demonic screams of pain
>I'm okay teehee

>sudden head trauma severe enough to make someone loos consciousness immediately and necessitate the involvement of emergency services
>"he's definitely fine"


À ceux qui ont installé Collabra :
C'est lourd ? Ça pèse combien ?

China streckt seiner Fühler nach einer extraterritorialen Justiz aus und versucht, gegen vier Dänen zu ermitteln, die einem Hongkonger Oppositionellen zur Flucht verhalfen.

USA: New York wird ärmer, härter und bunter - Die Reichen fliehen in die Hamptons und wer bleibt, kämpft für sein Viertel: Nach der Krise wird New York wieder eine Stadt für jene, die hier etwas werden wollen. #Wirtschaft

Ever like to read deep analysis posted as comments on a poorly written yaoi?

Cause I do

In this essay I will expose how the collapse of western civilization begun in the mid 2000's when the Seattle Supersonics were sold to Oklahoma - a thread (1/78)

bon bah il me reste plus qu'à trouver le machin à lire les vinyles

question about being trans and gender not-essentialism 

i just realized this isn't about gender essentialism at ALL, rather about gender constructionism.

sorry about that.

for what it's worth, i'm subscribe to butler's views (gender performativity).

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question about being trans and gender essentialism 

I believe that 'woman' is a historically constructed category with roots in patriarchy. I don't think this is a particularly controversial statement on this website.

But I was thinking... and I'm going to put this in very personal terms... If I wanted to identify as a woman, how do I know that it's not a result of trauma to want to identify as a gender-category that is constructed to be the 'lesser' gender?

Weiß Jemand wie viele Briefmarken man für einen Brief in die USA braucht? :blobcatgoogly:
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Lost somewhere in Switzerland.