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funny thing when I stalk somebody and hack their phone to be able to listen to their conversations, I end up in prison for 10 years.

When the State does it, its just abuse of power and it pays a 10'000CHF fine (that the taxpayer, so I, end up paying anyway)

Parler lol 

*Deliberately chooses Amazon as their hosting provider, the most Big Tech one among countless options*

"Yeah we're against Big Tech."

*Amazon decides to enforce its terms of service*

"Ahh censorship, look how Big Tech can just kick you off the internet if they don't like you."

AWS is not the internet.
AWS is not even close to being any kind of monopoly.
There's a million hosting providers, and you violated the ToS of the one you chose.

are 25 dollars considered expensive for a western europa and northern america phone subscription ?

why are phone subscriptions soooooooooooooooooo expensive???

I agree with them that #bigtech has serious problems. But I think #gafam should disappear completely, while they seem to just want to add some duct-tape privacy laws to a fundamentally broken system.

I think it's time we stop pretending it's going to be okay if we donate for someone else to defend our rights. We need a large scale emancipation from surveillance-based business models, and a #decentralised internet will make it harder for new actors to fill the shoes of the old tyrants

Although they have some articles which praise interoperability, they rarely go in-depth on what the #fediverse or #decentralised internet means. How it puts the power in the people's hands. How can we fund it. How can it be made sustainable. God forbid they ever mention that it's possible to run your server at home.

They've even said good things about #apple, claiming they can lead the way to users' rights on mobile devices. This is completely at odds with what apple actually do.

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I've read this highly critical article talking about the #eff

While there are a lot of claims concerning EFF's funding that I haven't managed to cross-verify, the annual reports ( paint an organisation that is clearly not grassroots with their 30$ million assets in 2019.

But what bothers me more is the things they leave out of most of their communication and stated goals. They only occasionally talk about free software and empowering the user.

When large billion dollar ISPs are rolling out fiber to their wealthy customers and not upgrading their low income customers (who also pay them), that is called digital redlining, and it should be abolished in law.

c quand même honteux qu'on ait pas des stands de tir socialistes en suisse

once again i am being persecuted for my monsterfucker beliefs

fuga : melodies of steel aka furry antifa simulator 2021

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Lost somewhere in Switzerland.