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Illustration de l'effet d'agenda médiatique au service de l'extremedroitisation de la France:
en haut le pourcentage d'articles de médias, en bas le nombre de tweets contenant le terme #Zemmour sur un an

For reference, Apple leaked ~21,000 user accounts of data to the USG in the first half of 2020 without search warrants/probable cause via FISA (aka PRISM, aka FAA702) orders.

@aral been for a while like this in switzerland. anti-terrorist legislations now require this

all anarchist know is poop on company time, make zine, adopt random people and animal, feed every people, and take nap. we are clearly very dangerous.

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I prolly have the most ghetto-ass smtp configuration ever.

«Elon Musk in die Gummizelle zu stecken, wäre die normale Reaktion», sagt Esther Pauchard im #DeepTechnologyPodcast. Darin spricht sie über die Rolle von Mensch und Maschine, das Verhältnis von Arbeits- zu Freizeit sowie über Technologie und Kult.

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Lost somewhere in Switzerland.