@schratze @radonhawk it kinda makes more sense but also it doesnt make me less uncomfortable

@Johann150 @schratze yeah in germany that would be surprising.

but then I remember an article about how swiss secret services were watching vegan activsts n stuff as if they were threat to society #1

wassup with german right-wing radicals comparing greenpeace to a terrorist organization ?

Vu que ce dessin d’@AllanBARTE
a été censuré sur Facebook parce que ça ne correspond pas aux standards de leur communauté de dénoncer l’extrême-droite télévisée, ça me semble une bonne raison pour inonder mastodon avec...

im gonna try to see if the shoes I've bought a year ago are still being sold. 100% would buy them again

@radonhawk ppl who survive a marathon have such a chad aura I swear

a semi-marathon is okayish but as soon as I hit the 30km barrier im exhausted

im still far away from the 80km milage per week required for marathon training :blobcatsweat:

don't believe that our Scandinavian welfare systems are not free of controversy

it's a subject of constant debate here
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Lost somewhere in Switzerland.