today on fragile masculinity:
dude got drunk, tried to hit on the bartender, she said no, he got touchy with guests, he was kicked out.

so of course he took that as an opportunity to reflect on his behavior...haha, just kidding, he got some bricks, came back, and hurled them through the windows.

by the way, that was $bartenders first shift. isn't service industry nice.

#OtD 21 Sep 1921 Lev Chernyi, Russian individualist anarchist theorist, activist and poet, was executed without hearing or trial by the Bolshevik secret police after strongly denouncing the new Bolshevik government.

Don't wanna brag but I personally know the singer since 7th grade :ablobcatcoffee: :blobcatuwu:

Also most of the album has been recorded in my Canton uwu :blobpeek:

@lebronjames75 this is very furry-adjacent. One more strike and consider your ass reported to the federal constitutional guard

Yo ppl send me your best playlist for a late-night jogging under the rain

"Avec une facilité déconcertante, Éric Zemmour piège les médias français comme Donald Trump a piégé les médias américains en 2015.

Hystériser le débat, faire croître les audiences, rendre addict les journalistes ➡️ succès garanti!"

so many people convinced they are "building the future" are actually just rehashing the present and the past. like every new supposedly planet-scale system that is ASCII only on some level, or the cryptocurrency community who's wildest dreams for a future society still involve money, hierarchy, wealth disparity, centralized control. this isn't progress.

Hello, I'm #koopa. It's 15 : 23 and my house's temperature is 21.9°C

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Lost somewhere in Switzerland.