Oh, so you're a garbage collector? Enumerate every object.

Wenn dein Lieblingsrapper anruft und du aus Nettigkeit seine App kaufst.

Flash is coming back, this time open source: https://ruffle.rs/

But can we get a FOSS program to create SWFs?

Another one of my family members got sick (#coronavirus), got very ill and had to go to hospital. She was hospitalized for two weeks and happily was released but due to her problem for breathing (effect of the virus) she had to use an oxygen capsule to be able to breath. Today, she is able to breath normally without the capsule. We thought we're losing her too but she survived.

Please be careful people. I lost about 6 people in my family and this was the first survivor in my family. All were very young (less than 45). #Coronavirus doesn't only kill old people, young people may die too. Take it seriously please.

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Is eating nutella with a tea spoon considered a soft skill?

62 reports.. If you report anyone please add a short description for us mods. Preferably in English but anything but would do.

Endless reporting users without explanation takes us so much more time and we have that time for you but if we can all make it a little easier it would be a great help♥️

Thank you for keeping the community friendly and safe :blobcathug:

why is socializing so hard when socialism is so good

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Lost somewhere in Switzerland.