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Public Enemy of the US – #TillieKottmann kämpft für Informationsfreiheit und zeigt Sicherheitslücken auf.
Ich durfte sie begleiten – gleich #10vor10 @bignasilber@twitter.com @martinsteiger@twitter.com

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I wanna play multiplayer Wesnoth now. Who would like to hop in?

"Our new FaceTime voice isolation noise cancellation is so good, in fact" *camera pans out to show Tim Cook is actually seated on an all-glass toilet in his all-glass office at the spaceship campus, naked from the waist down* "that I've been giving this entire keynote while taking a massive shit and you probably didn't even notice" *glass toilet visibly but inaudibly flushes*

dead economist james buchanan accidentally says the most honest thing in his entire career

tiktok challenge %NaN days without my antipsychotic drugs

So, what’s the latest on client-side scanning, then?


Pourquoi c'est toujours de vidéos d'unboxing de MacBook Pro d'Apple et pas d'unboxing des escalopes veganes de la coopet?



Loi Covid-19: la dictature sanitaire ou l’arroseur arrosé

"Ceux qui dénoncent aujourd’hui une «dictature sanitaire» sont souvent ceux qui ont défendu les mesures de surveillance les plus intrusives dans le renseignement, la surveillance des assurés, les mesures contre le terrorisme ou la loi sur l’asile."

CH pol, MPT 

jpense à ce rythme là pour être sûr faut suspendre la Constitution Fédérale. ça leur apprendra aux islamistes

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CH pol, MPT 

ah bah oui mtn faut des peines de prison préventives. déjà que le Conseil Fédéral cherche à étendre la portée des surveillances autorisées par la MPT rts.ch/info/suisse/12564562-un

lets compare my history

>formerly an admin who tried to listen to everyone and didn't do much instance blocks because the soapbox/pleroma crowds frown upon that
>was constantly harassed, didn't want to use fedi, my users were getting really stressed out

>now an admin who just blocks transphobes
>can actually use fedi and talk about what I want
>disagreements and arguments still happen but can actually talk through them without right wingers telling me to kms
>my users are happier, disqordia is more active than ever

seems like idk right wing fedi is just trash and needs to get over their bullshit if they want to stop being blocked

Perhaps the most important lesson of programming is that the only true binaries in life are the ones compiled into bytecode.

help a black queer youth bury her father and get home for the funeral!

linus was talking about how his communist pc build was going to be controversial but it's just cringy
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Lost somewhere in Switzerland.